CarPros is not just a used car dealership. We are your one-stop destination for any and every type of service and repair related to cars. We believe in people helping people and have established a name for ourselves for being reliable, efficient, and affordable.

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We offer a wide range car repair services that will not just keep your vehicle running optimally, but also increase the life of the vehicle. Some of our car-related services that you can benefit from include the following:


Routine Maintenance

We provide stellar routine maintenance of any vehicle, be a car, SUV, sedan or truck. This helps to extend the life of the vehicle, as it detects any problem earlier. This way our technicians are able to find the problem before it becomes big and ensure it gets resolved quickly.


Oil Change

This is a must during routine maintenance. Previously, it was recommended that oil change be done every 3,000 miles or three years, depending on which comes first. However, modern-day engines have improved tremendously and do not require a frequent oil change. Nonetheless, it is important you follow the owner’s guide to figure out when you need to change the oil. Our service center will help you in this regard. Changing oil on schedule ensures your vehicle runs smoothly. It also helps to extend the life of the engine.


Other Fluid Change

Your vehicle has several other fluids that it needs to run optimally. These include oil, radiator, transmission, windshield washer, power steering, and brake fluid. Just schedule an appointment and our technicians will change the fluids as needed.


Filter Change

Your vehicle has a host of filters that have to be changed between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. When you come to us for routine maintenance, our technicians also check the filters. If necessary, they will replace the filter, be it oil filter, cabin air filter, air filter or fuel filter. You can rely on CarPros to ensure your vehicle never has to contend with dirty or damaged filter.



When your car comes to us for service, our technicians make it a point to conduct a thorough check on the brakes to see all components including, brake pads, brake line, rotors, and shoes are working efficiently. Any part showing signs of wear are noted & client is informed for possible repair or replacement.



It is highly recommended that you keep a regular check on the health of your tire. The PSI and tread levels should be maintained and a rotation be made every 6000 miles to get the best performance out of your tires. At CarPros, our technicians are highly trained to inspect tires and carry out their repair/replacement.


Belts and Hoses

When it comes to the performance of your vehicle, belts and hoses play an important role. Due to the heat generated by the engine and natural aging process, belts, which are made of rubber, deteriorate. Our technicians ensure they check the belts and hoses in your vehicle and replace any that have cracked, showing signs of wear and tear, or have become soft. We offer many other car repairs and services. You can get in touch with us to find out our whole range of repair services. Or, come and visit our service center in Pueblo. We would be more than happy to show you around our state-of-the-art service center where your vehicle gets the treatment it deserves.


We offer all types of auto repair services. No problem is too big or small for us. We take immense pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations. We also have a transparent pricing system, so that you have no reasons to worry. Our technicians are trained, certified and licensed to provide the best auto repair service in Pueblo, CO. When you come to CarPros, you get peace of mind knowing that any problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy a safe and hassle-free driving experience. Contact CarPros today at 719-582-1620 option # 2 and schedule an appointment to get your vehicle inspected by the best technicians in Pueblo, CO.

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