Meet our Staff

Doug Nardini

Dealer Principal

Ryan Nardini


I believe in giving the customer world class customer service. I'm here for you before and after the sale. I want to create a culture that promotes a great customer service!

James Geppert

General Sales Manager/ Finance Manger

Hello, My name is James Geppert. I started at a local dealership as a salesperson fresh from out of the army. My time in the army gave me a sense of structure and people skills that have transferred into my profession here at CarPros. I want to treat every customer with the utmost respect and professionalism and I strive to provide customers with the best service in town.

Lewis Fesmire

Sales Professional

Sara Nardini

Title Clerk

Amanda Ulery

Service Writer

Hello, my name is Amanda Ulery. I am the Service writer/ assistant manager here at CarPros Service Center. I have been in the automotive industry for close to 13 years. I have always had a fascination with automobiles, being the daughter of a master mechanic kinda does that to you! From the time I was able to go out to the garage and work with my father I was hooked! I helped my father run his auto mechanic shop Mr. Mechanic for 12 years. I decided to come to Car Pros to continue my career in the automotive industry and learn the workings of the dealership world.

Tom McClure

Head Mechanic

Hello, my name is Tom McClure. I am the head Master Mechanic here at CarPros service center. I have been in the automotive industry for about 45 years. First I Started out at a tire shop when I was just 15 years old and continued my dream of becoming a master automotive mechanic. I previously worked for the local Ford dealership for over 21 years, then I started my own business Mr. Mechanic which was open for 13 years. I then decided to come to CarPros to get back into the dealership world and relieve some stress by doing what I love and that is turning wrenches vs worrying about the books and paperwork.

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